Accessible Health care

Accessible health Care

The Foundation has supported 2 clinics for basic healthcare:

Old Yundum

The Clinic in Old Yundum was abandoned. Andre Slooter, a retired healthcare IT specialist, gave it a new life as a non-profit clinic. It is now a flourishing center for primary healthcare, including a pharmacy. It is the cheapest privately held clinic in the country, a consultation only costs 50 cents, Dutch efficiency… A dozen+ people have a job there.

Tanji Center

Now that the Old Yundum Clinic is self-managed, Andre is now working on plans to realise a clinic in Kanuma in rural Gambia. It will be part of a complete project including farming, shops and a bakery to process and sell the harvests.

So the foundation still needs a lot of support in the healthcare field.


You can support a completely new clinic for basic healthcare in rural Kanuma village.
Andre Slooter has bought two large pieces of land outside of Kanuma for a farm, clinic and
shop. He lives of his Dutch retirement money and all his endeavors are non-for-profit. His
first project was opening a clinic in Old Yundum, a very successful and lowest-price private
clinic with a state-of-the-art patient file system and complete low-price pharmacy.
The clinic in Kanuma has yet to be built, from the funds that are raised from the farm and
from donors.

You can contribute to more accessible healthcare in 2 ways:

Donate for this project

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