Who We Are

Our Goal

The Foundation aims to provide basic living needs of the poor population, especially families in The Gambia, both acute aid and more sustainable development aid in the field of:

  • improve the health of villages/families deprived of clean water
  • provide accessible local basic health care and improve it
  • improving education at the local level and its accessibility for healthy and disabled children
  • fighting family poverty through unemployment
  • providing income by creating jobs and providing basic needs for starting a small business
  • provide emergency support to families in times of food shortage

Our mission

To this end, the foundation raises funds in the form of one-off or ongoing, general and project sponsorship and provides educational support.

  1. FOOD
    Emergency food supply for poor families in acute need through emergency food packages, among other things.
  2. WATER
    Provide clean drinking water facilities for villages, hamlets and underprivileged families by financing and building wells.
    Supporting accessible local health care facilities by supporting local clinics with equipment, funding and education.
    Supporting educational institutions with materials and financing. Supporting underprivileged children with necessary basic school supplies (such as uniform, shoes, material, school registration fee, transport costs).
    Providing financial, material and educational assistance to support income generation in the form of micro credit, providing tools and coaching/mentorship.
    supporting environmentally friendly agricultural projects, providing food, jobs and means to improve a community

Our why

mr. Lamin Colley, a primary school teacher in Tanji, Gambia, has been committed to these goals for years with own and sponsored resources. He has created a large international network of people who support him in this, including the board members of the foundation. Other development foundations regularly ask him for help to monitor their projects. However, there is a lack of formal support and therefore of structure and accountability. The foundation wants to offer him this support and formalization


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Legal Advisor

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