policy plan 2024

Our vision

We dream of a Gambia where every individual has access to basic basic needs, such as clean drinking water, accessible healthcare and quality education. We believe in a Gambia where families can thrive, where children have the opportunity to learn and grow, where communities are resilient and, as adults, are able to take care of themselves regardless of their socio-economic background.

Our mission

Jamorai Gambia Foundation was founded with the mission to make this vision a reality. We are committed to meeting the basic needs of the people of The Gambia by providing both acute assistance and sustainable development assistance that leads to self-sufficiency. Our mission is as follows:

Our ambition

Our ambition extends beyond just fulfilling basic needs. We want to create lasting impact by strengthening the power of communities, building local capacities and promoting sustainable change. Through collaboration with our donors, partners and volunteers, Jamorai Gambia Foundation strives for a future where Gambian communities thrive, grow and have a bright, hopeful future.
Together we are working towards a better future for the people of The Gambia, where they not only survive, but can truly live and thrive. Our vision, mission and ambition drive all our efforts, and we look forward to a future full of opportunity and well-being for all in The Gambia.

Policy Plan 2024

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