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Jamorai Gambia Foundation

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families, schools & clinics in the Gambia and setting up water & agriculture projects.

Next to the picture of one of our sponsored water wells, you see the founder of the Jamorai Gambia Foundation: Lamin Colley.

Long before he founded Jamorai Gambia he was active as a voluntary social worker in and outside his community. All besides his job as an elementary school teacher. As his network grew, he and his adoptive father Arjan Koopmans decided it was time to make things official and accountable and register Jamorai Gambia Foundation as an official non for profit Foundation in The Netherlands. You can read more in the “who are we” section.

In our first active year 2022 with many great sponsors we supported 1 school garden project to teach self-sustainability, sponsored 1 clinic: one brand new, brought electricity to 3 compounds, helped 9 young ones to go to school, one graduated and found a job as a plumber, one as a hairdresser, provided 10+ emergency food packages, realized 15 clean water wells, sent 50 boxes of clothes, medication etc. and since December we are helping to start up a sustainable farm/shops to provide 20+ jobs, a clinic and improved environment in a rural village.

How can you helP

Below you can see the areas in which you can help. We are looking for project sponsors for large and small projects, for example: to (help) sponsor a water well, a project in our farm (like fence, seeds or tools), go-to-school package (uniform, books, backpack), emergency food package, plant-a-tree. And we are looking for continuing sponsors for youngster-education, job creation in rural areas and general foundation sponsoring so we can act when needed.



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There are many ways to get involved:

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