Sustainable Farming

The Earth is warming up. Creating good soil on barren lands with circular agriculture through composting, using animals for grazing, fertilizing by livestock excrements, rotating crops, using fruit bearing trees for CO2 storage, shade and fruit and good water management will create oases instead of desertification.

We are supporting Andre Slooter in The Gambia with his massive non-profit agricultural project in rural Kanuma. Because he will organize and share everything with the local community, the chiefs have sold him 12 hectares of land for an extremely low price. Andre lives as a Gambian and spends all his retirement money on his projects. First to renovate an abandoned primary health care clinic, that is now fully up and running, now on this Kanuma village project. The farm will provide crops and money. Following harvesting, revenue will further develop the area with a bakery to process the crops, shops to sell the crops and bread, a restaurant, a lodge, a clinic and ambulance, water supply for the village, and many, many jobs. Andre is known to actually shift his dreams into goals and bring them into reality.

He has already realized:

Support is needed for:

So if you are willing to help with as little as 4 Euro for a baby fruit tree, upto larger amounts for farm supplies, or ongoing donation to provide for jobs on the farm until it is self-supporting, please let us know here (button) and we will be in touch soon!


Volunteering is an option.

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Wilbert Sluiter, the chairman of th eboard of the foundation will visit The Gambia next week, from the 8th of Marh with his wife Judith.

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Kanuma is a small place in Foni, West coast of The Gambia. Located about 3 km inland from the southbank road and about 73 km

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