Kanuma is a small place in Foni, West coast of The Gambia.

Located about 3 km inland from the southbank road and about 73 km from Brusubi.

There I bought a piece of land (200 by 300 meters) and together we will grow vegetables and wheat/grain for the local population and a poultry and of course to have fruit trees. This country is too far inland for the other plans. The aim is therefore to offer all products cheaper to the people.

This country is divided into eight parts. Four pieces are in the shade, there are mango trees. We will use this for crops that cannot tolerate too much sunlight. And then four pieces in the other part. Call them a, b, c, d, e, f, g and h. In parts A and E sheep and goats come as we start with the first nursering. If these can be moved, the sheep and cast go to pieces B and F, after pieces A and E have been plowed, the nursering is moved to pieces A and E and a new nursering is started. If this is ready, the sheep and cast go to pieces C and G, the nursering to pieces B and F, after it has been plowed over. Etc etc.

So I have a second piece of land (100 by 150 meters) on a main road about 2.5 km from the other country to house there with an Essenian clinic (see www.academy-of-the-13-essenian-arts-of -healing.org ) to build, a medical clinic, a bakery, a store for vegetables, fruit, bread and eggs and a restaurant in the first place to provide my staff and guests with lunch and then to let people have some taste foreign recipes.

There are about 12 villages further inland that will use the clinic.

Furthermore, a few simple houses for guests, for my healings I sometimes get people from the middle of the country who have family where I live now to possibly sleep, but not there.

To offer everything cheaper to the people, I also need my own shops, otherwise the final price will be two or three times as much.

As it stands now I have to move points 1 and 2 to later, otherwise I will be without water and light and without a working garden.

What needs to be done:

When we, Wilbert & Judith traveled to Kanuma we were shown around the village by Andre and we saw first hand what the needs are in the rural part of the country.

We were invited to the school’s sports event. And the kids performed at the 200, 400 & 800m. It was a great experience

We also visited Andre’s project with the Mango and Cashew trees. The waterwell there also provides water for the nearby community (last pictures show girls (10-12 year) washing the cloths).

If you would like to help too, please get in touch with us here 

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