Clean water

Why clean water

Clean water is an essence of life, but almost nowhere available in The Gambia. You help communities with a water well, that will provide clean water from a depth of around 20 meters for:

This will lead to:

You can contribute to a water well in 3 ways:

In 2022 the foundation realized the stunning number of 15 water wells in needy communities. It is even more amazing that in the first month of this year funds were collected for 12 more!


Many of the world religions teach to help your poor fellow human beings. The Islam is a great example. It is taught and lived in the 5th pillar to give 2,5% of your wealth to the poor (Zakat). Providing clean water to your needy fellow human beings is seen as the worthiest of charities, that will bless you even after you die.

And how true is this: helping with a water well will indeed be an ongoing charity long after the sponsor has passed away.

In this respect many people have sponsored a well in name of their deceased loved one, or to just help privately or in name of a company.


Digging and completing a well for a needy community, costs around 800 Euro or dollar.

If you are interested in sponsoring a well, please let us know here

Ibrahim and Jermaine

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