First well completed in 2024

Waterwell no. xx Adnan Hinedi

On januari 4th we completed our first well in 2024 and it was handed over to the community. The waterwell no 63 was donated by xx in honour of Adnan Hinedi

Coastal Region waterwell no 77

waterwell 77

In Tanji Village in the Coastal Region we have completed a well on school ground for the Lamsarr  Ward Quaranic School. There are 250 students attanding that school with only 7 teachers! Tanji Village has a population of aproximately 30,000 people! Which means that they need a lot more waterwell with clean water!

Well digging

The financial side of well digging Workmanship 12 Bags of Cement Gravel Pulley and mouth cover Paints, Brushes & Dillen Transportation of Materials Total = D30,000D4,600D1,500D4,500D1,200D350 D42,150/ €700

Well Talokoto Village

Another water well done and dusted, thanks to all the donors and facilitators for the trust and support; we will surely reach in little or no time. Even though we are in Ramadan in this hardly hot sun I feel extra motivated to do such a life changing project in provision of clean drinking water

Trip Januari 2023

End of January Arjon Muriqi, our legal advisor will visit The Gambia with 2 friends. Before their departure, they have campaigned among many friends and family members to help improve poor areas with clean water supply. An amazing number of people have contributed, so we will be able to donate 12 (twelve) water wells. It […]

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