Annual Youth Congress

Wassadou Vissionary Youth Association

Over the weekend we were invited in Wassadou village to grace their annual youth congress. I was there with the founder of Free Mind Health Center, Andre Sloter and I represented Jamorai Gambia Foundation as the board chairperson. It was such an interesting event and an avenue for me to sell out my projects and possibly network with some great personnelā€™s on the ground. Most importantly I was given the mic šŸŽ¤ to have my say on the event too. We both gave a donation each and they really appreciated it.

Special thanks to Dr. Wilbert Sluiter for sending me the invitation to attend this very special gathering! I met the National Assembly Member for Foni Jarrol and he was proud to see a young guy at my age doing great things for the nation and her people!

If you would like to help too, please get in touch with us hereĀ 

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