Annual Youth Congress

Wassadou Vissionary Youth Association

Over the weekend we were invited in Wassadou village to grace their annual youth congress. I was there with the founder of Free Mind Health Center, Andre Sloter and I represented Jamorai Gambia Foundation as the board chairperson. It was such an interesting event and an avenue for me to sell out my projects and […]

Updated Tanji Lower Basic School

The Tanji Lower Basic school is an ongoing project to improve the school and to give the children all the neccessary supplies to be able to learn.  We have updated the wall surrounding the school, donated a complete first aid kitt, building a watertower & waterwell and donated school-tables and chairs. All School Tables & […]


Kanuma is a small place in Foni, West coast of The Gambia. Located about 3 km inland from the southbank road and about 73 km from Brusubi. There I bought a piece of land (200 by 300 meters) and together we will grow vegetables and wheat/grain for the local population and a poultry and of […]

Trip Januari 2023

End of January Arjon Muriqi, our legal advisor will visit The Gambia with 2 friends. Before their departure, they have campaigned among many friends and family members to help improve poor areas with clean water supply. An amazing number of people have contributed, so we will be able to donate 12 (twelve) water wells. It […]

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